Plantation shutters being used over French doors

Plantation shutters are a simple yet a very stylish addition to any home. They have been, for many years, one of the most elegant ways to dress French doors as well as other doors that have glass inserts. These shutters are made in such a manner that they can fit any door with a look that is custom and that of a craftsman. This way, they make it hard for a person to guess that the homeowner did the installation himself or herself. Moreover, they don’t sway, slap or swing the door as is the case with the other types of window coverings whenever the door is either shut or opened.

Any door is in a position to be covered with plantation shutters. This is inclusive of even those doors which have lever type handles extending into the glass section. Shutters are custom-made to suit any type of door despite how big, tight or little it might be. The shutters can directly be mounted onto fiberglass, metal, wood as well as other door types. All that is actually needed is a few measurements and the dealers in these plantation shutters can have those doors fitted with a lot of ease. In cases where the door happens to be having very little mounting frame, custom frames are usually done.


Plantation shutters are normally mounted to French doors by making use of Outside Mount L Frame. This frame is ideally mounted outside the trim which goes around the inset windows. It ought to be noted that not all French doors have this trim. These frames get screwed in a direct manner into the door itself. In case one has a metal door, the screws self-penetrate with appliance of some pressure.

Fiberglass doors are usually required to have pilot holes already drilled for the sake of screws having a small drill. In any case otherwise, all instructions of mounting are similar for the Outside Mount L Frame. In case of additional louver clearance, extended L Frames can be ordered.

Handle Cut-outs for French Doors

Most French doors having lever handles need French door cut-outs. This offers a highly custom look to one’s plantation shutters. This is basically a way of building these shutters around the handles of the lever. These handles, therefore, remain fully operative and the cut-outs permit one to fit his or her hand over the handles. It is the factory that determines which is the best manner of doing cut-outs is depending on the measurements of the doors.Visit us Sydney plantation shutters websitePlantation shutters with frame 003