Various types of garage doors

garage9Canopy up and over

This is one of the most popular types of the up and over garage doors. They are mostly up to a total of 8 feet wide. There is a torsion spring that is usually above the garage door which are usually made specifically so as to lift the door via the conical drums and steel cables that are usually attached at the end of the specific spring. The heavier and wider garage doors which are over 8 feet are usually operated using a retractable gear because they are usually too heavy for the canopy mechanism. Canopy doors are one of the easiest and the quickest doors to install and they also have the advantage of providing the full drive through width when it is open, unlike the retractable mechanism which is a different case. This type of door also has the advantage of been made remote controlled. However, there may be additional equipment as well as a motor for this to be possible making it more expensive based on

Retractable up and over

The popularity of this type of garage is increasing at a high rate because it is easy to convert this kind of doors to automated control which in turn can make them be very reliable. There are no cables need when it comes to the operation of door panel lifting. What happens is that there are lifting arms which are side mounted with tension springs that are attached to open the door panel. The door panel then opens into the garage in a horizontal steel runners making use of the rollers that are at each of the corners of the door panels so as to support it.

Retractable PLUS up and over

This kind of garage door is the same as the retractable gear only that the lifting arms of the door are positioned in a higher position on the frame so as to give full drive through the width for wing mirrors in majority of the cars that are in the market.

Sectional garage doors

This is another type of garage door that is fast gaining popularity. It has several advantages which range from offering the best security, it also has various insulated options, there are no swing outs and they are also available in large sizes and they come in smooth and excellent opening properties therefore making them user and cost efficient to the user.